Google Places Listings (Local Business Listings)

Google places Listings are those listings at the top of a Google Search Engine page that are associated with a Map which appears on the right hand/top position of the page.

From November 2010, there has been a significant change in the way that Google is presenting it’s pages for customers. Why? – one may ask. Simply put, Google is responsible for providing a service to the general public and so is making changes to make it easier for searchers to find local businesses.
This strategic change centres around making what were called, “local business listings” part of the organic listings and calling them “Google Places”.

A well designed marketing strategy will include an optimized Google Places listing and organic SEO service so that you maximize the benefit of listing high in both. This will give you more traffic, leads, conversions and profits. Because these listings are on a separate algorithm to the normal organic listings, they need servicing on a regular basis just as we do with your normal organic listings.

These listings are an important part of your strategy to develop a presence online so that your visitors will view you as ‘The Expert’ in your niche. Businesses that have a well built website that has relevant information, an effective SEO service in place and a well built, optimised and maintained the Google Places Listing will attract targeted customers to their website and Increase the opportunities to convert more visitors to paid clients.

Investment: $497 (one off fee) & $47 per month maintenance

Google Places