If you’re relying on one or two strategies to bring in your customers, and make your phone ring with people clamoring to buy your product or service – you’re playing a REALLY dangerous game. Not only with your business but with livelihood of your family, your staff and their families.

A few months ago we had a call from a client who said exactly that. We asked “What else are you doing apart from SEO” the answer was ….nothing. My first thought was “are you crazy? What on earth are you thinking?”

Of course I didn’t say that – it would be rude. But we did gently suggest that it would be a good idea to start using some different marketing strategies in addition to the SEO. SEO alone – is no longer enough in most cases.

Sadly that client didn’t listen and decided to go elsewhere for more of what he’d already been getting. My guess is that his phone is still not ringing, except when more SEO companies try to sell him ever cheaper services that he doesn’t need.


What’s the solution.

Stay tuned ………..