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  • 1. What industry does your business belong to?
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  • 3. What is the mission or purpose of your business or organization?
  • 4. Do you have a tagline? If so, what is it?
  • 5. The purpose of the website is to:
  • Target Audience / Community

  • 6. Who is your target audience or community? (Age, gender, interests, locality)
  • 7. Who is your main competition?
  • 8. When people visit your site, what do they want?

  • Image & Style

  • The visual metaphors, graphic design and colour scheme of your web site will communicate volumes to the visitor about you and your business.
  • 9. What IMAGE do you want to project?
  • 10. What STYLE do you want to communicate?

  • 11. What colours are you wanting to have on the website:
  • Marketing & Promotion

  • 12. Do you have any existing graphic or promotional material?

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  • 14. Do you have photos that you wish to use on the web site?

  • 15. How are you thinking of promoting your website:
  • Content

  • 16. Do you have an outline of the content for your site?

  • 17. Is the content written?

  • 18. Do you need help in developing, writing and /or editing the content for your website?

  • 19. If you are selling products, how many will be on your site?
  • 20. What keywords would someone type into a search engine to find you?
  • Functionality

  • 21. These are pages that are already included in your package: Blog, Contact Form, Content Management System, Video, Mailing List. Please note, however, that if you want other functionalities, there would be cost involved. You can choose below what you want to add to the site.


  • Timeline / Domain Name & Hosting / Maintenance & Updating

  • 22. When would you like your website to be launched?

  • 23. Have you registered a domain name?

  • If you have, what is it?
  • 24. Have you decided on a hosting company?

  • If you have decided, what is it?

  • Other Web Sites – (If you know of any)

  • 25. Please list a few web sites that appeal to the same target audience or community, or that communicate an image or style that is similar to what you want

  • 26. Please list some of your competitor’s web sites, if you know of any. Let us know what you like and don’t like about some of these sites.

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