Australian businesses are rapidly coming to value Search Engine Optimisation. Australia has increasing numbers of people search online for information, products and services.

Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) is the process of improving the ranking of a website in the natural search engine rankings (left hand search results) to increase the amount of qualified traffic to a website.

The search engines (e.g Google) are a bit like a library, they do their best to catalog the pages on the internet a bit like the books in a library. Making sure that the right information is easily available for the user. So if a library book is not titled correctly, or has incorrect or even illegible information on the cover, cataloging it correctly is almost impossible.

Websites are similar – our job is to make sure that the bits that the engines read – have the best possible information there to catalog the pages in the best way for our clients.

In practice what this means is – when someone types a relevant word or a phrase into Google (this is called a keyword), we aim to get our clients site there – on the first page. Being on the first page or close to it means that the site is “Ranking Highly”

There are two main elements to SEO;

  • On-Page search engine optimisation
  • Off-Page search engine optimisation

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

This refers to the layout and the coding of each page on the site. There are five factors that are crucial to the correct layout of the page, thus making it very easy for the search engines to read it. They are looking for specific information that tells them exactly what the page is about. If they can ascertain this easily then the page will gain a high ranking. The five factors are:

  1. Title tag – the keyword for each page must be included in the title tags
  2. Keyword tag – the keywords for the page must be here – the main one first.
  3. Description tag – The main keyword must be here too.
  4. Heading tag(s) (H1 tags) – Main keyword must be included.
  5. Content – original and related to the keyword.

Much of this is actually hidden and is not visible to the users of the site.

Internal Site Structure is also important

– this refers to how each page on your site is positioned in relation to all the others. The internal site structure will tell the search engines which pages are the most important on your site and of course those same pages are the ones that should be getting the most attention from an Search Engine Optimisation perspective. Other reasons for having a good internal site structure include:

  1. Increase website spidering index range
  2. Building relevancy of pages via keyword linking
  3. To increase page rank of internal pages
  4. Increase user experience and overall website navigation and usability

Off Page Optimization

This aspect deals with how well your site is ranked in relation to a keyword or keywords relative to all other websites. Links that point to a website help to increase that sites’ ranking. The more links you have pointing to your site, the better. The very best types of links to have pointing to a site are what are called “anchor text” links. What this means is the text that you click on to follow a link eg. Here is an anchor text link. It is important that most of these links be keywords or phrases that relate to the content on the site.

What is Anchor Text Backlinking?
An anchor text backlink is a keyword that is a hyperlink that links directly to a website.
backlink diagram

So, for example if we have client X who is a flooring company in Brisbane, they may wish to rank for the keyword “flooring Brisbane”. The one way anchor text backlink will therefore be, “Flooring Brisbane”. LinxHurricane has access to many thousands of privately owned sites that are used to generate backlinks to clients’ websites. This is will help you to achieve higher rankings and therefore more traffic and sales conversions. We are offering you the opportunity to rank highly and get and maintain organic traffic.

Organic traffic is FREE you don’t have to pay for it.

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For search engine optimisation, Australian business owners are increasingly turning to experts like LinxHurricane to help get their websites seen online.

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