Building a website is a bit like writing an article in a word document with images etc. – but until it is published somewhere (like a page in a magazine) it is merely a file that sits on your computer.

In order for your site to be seen on the internet these files need to be stored (hosted) somewhere that is accessible to internet users. So when creating a website there are 3 main costs.

  1. Registering the domain name – this is renewed annually, (or bi-annually if it’s a
  2. Paying a developer to design and create your website images, content and functionality.
  3. Paying to have it hosted on a ‘server’ so that it can be accessed on the internet.

So when you get your first hosting bill – don’t panic, just pay it, grateful that your beautiful website is online for all to see.

Then when you receive your domain name registration renewal – again – it’s simply one of the costs of keeping your website alive.